Sunday, November 8, 2009
The header You see is for sell.    I have added a background
to show what your Blog can look like. This is a backgroun but works with just black!
So open ideas with any Custom  design.

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ALL you need to know: I will help you! Please visit my design shoppe for your customed topper. I cab add it to ket you see it. I show a header design with black. It is so easy or keep the white. looks so rich with my designs, I had the Fresco with black last month displayed. Each will allow your name to show. I make my designs to show They arethe focal point. Some people like the name to be showing My designs look best with my work. It is what you are paying for with my designs. All designs are mine and only bought from me. Go shopping! After you buy Header I willupload it to your email. Please email me and comfirm info. Add: Custom Blog. to the email. Thank you, gay nell

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